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Energy Balance

21 July 2023 Catia Anyena Energy Healing, Inner Work, Self Empowerment

It’s not easy to talk to people about the energy that each of us possesses within and how this energy drives our entire existence. Even though it might sound weird it’s a much easier concept then one might think: for example, it’s been proven ages ago that our brain works by sending continues electric stimulations to the entire body and it does so thanks to the connections from one brain cell to the other.

Now apply this same concept on a much bigger scale: just like in our brain, everything in existence is connected, and all that exists is energy and being able to access that part of you that is in constant communication with every sigle thing makes it possible for you to truly understand who you are and to have no more doubts as to why you’re here.

Brain Neural Connections

Since a long time ago, men decided that the right path to follow in order to live was the rational path, the one under the control and security of the mind, that’s why many have lost the ability to try and look beyond what they’re told by the mind itself.

Rational and Emotional

Human and Divine

Finite and Infinite

Remember that our mind is not who we are, it’s just a storage of information and experiences that our body collected during its life, it’s not you, but it helps in the making of the character you decided to play in your lifetime, much like an avatar in a video game.

Don’t get me wrong, the mind can help you in many ways, but listening just to the rational part of you will create imbalance within yourself: remember that life is a perpetual dance between rational and emotional, good and bad, light and dark, it’s the dance of the opposites and their reciprocal attraction to each other.

A pretty simple example of this phenomenon can be found in how the concept of finite and infinite can be enclosed in the same element: a segment has a finite length, it is delimited on both sides, but at the same time it’s formed by infinite dots; in fact, if you try to divide its length by 2, you can do it indefinitely. Understand that even if a concept is hard to grasp or it seems absurd (like the finite segment made of infinite dots) it doesn’t mean it’s not true:

we can’t see the energy that is within and around us, but we can feel it.

It’s time to become conscious that we are energetic beings , we have our own energetic blue print and we send energetic signals to the Universe, who’s simply responding to our own inner energy. The Universe is not responding to desire but to the energy we have inside: our reality on the outside is a match to our inner energy, the more we vibrate in the positive energy spectrum the more our outer reality will match this frequency. It’s like tuning into a radio station, the more you tune into self love and do the inner work the more your vibration will raise and tune into the infinite positive energy of the Universal Unconditional Love and the more your outer reality will reflect it. It’s a slow process, it won’t happen overnight, but the sooner you start the better, because you cannot fake it , you have to embody and Be the Energy of infinite Love and Abundance. How can you do that ? Step by step , there’s no magic pill, only your effort and free will. Take back the responsibility of your Life , Do the inner work to freed yourself from old energies stuck in your system and start to Love yourself as you love your kids or your pet , Unconditionally.

The manifestation process is the continuous back and forth flow of this entire energy process, infinite times in a finite moment, exemplified in the Hermetic axiom of:

“As Above, So Below.” Naven Paar

Be You , Be YOUnique
Always Heart to Heart , Soul to Soul

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Catia Anyena

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Renate says:

Dear Catia , that is so well explained , thank you, it’s a joy to read your words and so true … continue to do what your heart and soul tells you … so happy to read you … much love and waves of blessings dear soul sister … Renate Wechsler or

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