Catia Anyena


Why call it “Be-You-Healing “ ?

Because everything starts with You. There’s no other like You at all levels of existence: As a soul, as a multidimensional energy being, as true divine expression and, last but not least , also as a Human being. Think of You as a snowflake in the vastness of the Snow: there are countless made of the same substance, yet not one is equal to the other and together in union they are the Snow. The same principle is applied to all living beings,

Each one in Uniqueness as Divine expression and Together in Oneness as a Whole Divine Source.  

The word Healing comes from the old English term “Haelan”meaning literally “to make sound” or “whole”, the condition or state of being Hal , Whole. It refers to the process of moving toward a desired wholeness or achievement of cohesion”. Hal is also the root of “holy” defined as “spiritually pure”. So with Be-You-healing my intention and purpose is to create a Heart to Heart – Soul to Soul connection with You, a safe space where You can return to be You as Whole Divine creation having a human experience, where You can be just “You”, no masks, no boxes, no definitions. This is the place where You can remember who You truly are, not only as a human being, but also as a multidimensional energy being , a Divine Child , a Soul, Whole again connected with All that is. My goal is to help you reconnect with all these aspects of Yourself on a conscious level , to remember that You are made of Love , You are an act of Love, You are Love , to help you regain your power as co-creator of your own life and existence at any given moment, at all levels.

I know it’s difficult to accept the idea that we can co-create with the Divine and the Universe when in our daily life on Earth we struggle to find a parking spot or to make decent scrambled eggs, but as long as You identify yourself only with your Physical part, with what you did or did not achieve in the material world and measure your worth comparing yourself to others, You are not free to be You and You will always feel incomplete.

Most of the time what you are and what you’re meant to be in truth is very different from the idea that you have of yourself: maybe you are a fish forcing itself to be a cat because you’ve been told for so long that’s what you’re supposed to be…if you don’t go in that beautiful place that is “Within” then how can you know who you are , how can you re-discover your YOUniqueness?

Release any expectation and drop other people’s story and conditioning of who and what you’re “meant to be”. Give yourself credit, re-gain your power and your place back on all levels of existence.

You are here for a reason, maybe it’s not the one you imagine or desire it to be or maybe it is, but certainly this reason applies to You and You only.

So let’s discover it and start this Journey together, a journey that begins and ends in You, with You and for You.

Be You , Be YOUnique

Always Heart to Heart , Soul to Soul

❤️ to ❤️ 🤜🏼 to 🤛🏼 

Catia Anyena