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About Catia Anyena

I was born in 1971 where the sun really always shines, in Catania, Sicily, and I still live here, embraced and pampered by the Sea and the Mount Etna, the highest active Volcano in Europe. The Sea and The Volcano are essential elements in my life, whose energy never leaves me. Catia is my earthly name, ”Anyena” is my soul name that in Sanskrit means "elsewhere, by another place, unique”. Serial collector of Angels (everything in my house has a pair of wings), I am the mother of three fantastic Kids who are continuously amazing me with their wisdom and determination and who have taught me to be not only a parent but, above all, My true self. Children and the elderly are my favourite human type because of their sincerity, purity of purpose and infinite joy. I love being with them, listening to them and see the world through their eyes, they have a pure wisdom that adults in the in-between age tend to forget. I am passionate about people in general, I love meeting people, talking and share stories about life experiences, places to visit, having heart to heart conversations.


I’m very passionate about nature and animals and water is my favorite element: lakes, rivers, above all the sea and its creatures. I love swimming and being under the water, wherever I can find a spot of water to be in, I am as happy as a child. I am very passionate about evolution and growing through experiences, networking, energy work, psychotherapy, relationships. Everything that is bringing evolution and growth in a positive and constructive way at all level of existence is very important for me. I am also very passionate about music, paper books, photography, crystals, food & cooking (for a Sicilian is a “must” ), motorbikes, art and paintings, jewelry design.

Ever since I was a child I have always been very sensitive and empathetic and this has allowed me to 'feel' others deeply, making heart to heart\soul to soul connections and conversations. Being so highly sensitive hasn’t always been positive to handle over the years but eventually I realized that it is an amazing gift and a great honor for me, a real superpower. After some traumatic events and a decade of undiagnosed rare illness (many call this the “dark night of the soul”) around my 40s I was finally able to reconnect to the real me starting to take worldwide ,in English and in Italian, spiritual trainings with different teachers:

  • Reiki\Multidimensional and Energy healing\Intuitive Counseling with Anisha Ana
  • Soul Empowerment\ The Goddess Energy\ The New Children\ The White Flame of Illumination\ The Cosmic Mysteries (on going) with Judith Küsel
  • Shamanic and Soul Empowerment practice (on going) with Skywoman Floriana Rubino
  • Indigenous and Advanced Medical Intuition(on going) with Dr. Jennifer Lisa Vest

As I have progressed on my spiritual journey and trainings, trusting my intutition, connecting more and more to my loving spirit guides and awakening to the call of my heart and soul to be an instrument of the Divine in the best possible service, I have gradually surrendered to my innate gift of connecting to the so-called "inner child" whom I prefer to call the “The MeChild©” for he/she is not separate from us. The “The MeChild©” represents for me the most authentic, pure, vulnerable and uncorrupted part of ourselves, our true soul essence, the beating heart of our entire existence through multidimensional experiences where our Divine essence resides as Divine Children. Since I started my journey as holistic therapist and energy healer, I’ve been very passionate on Knowing more and more about all the aspects that are part of every individual not only the energy and spiritual aspect but also the human and physical. I am passionate on integrating the knowledge of different studies and trainings I have done to be able to look at every person from different angles and help them to be whole again.

I’m keeping on taking trainings and courses to continue expand my awareness and my abilities as operator in the Holistic and Energy Wellness field where a multidisciplinary approach is fundamental for me because every human being, every alive being is Unique and deserve to be approached and helped accordingly. In my services I am the one who is gonna walk side by side wherever each person is meant to go for his/her highest good, not the other way around and my aim is to have a very inclusive method so that also people that are new to energy work or not familiar with specific energy healing modalities can immediately perceive and sense the benefits.My deepest call is to stand side by side with people of all ages on their journey of regaining their personal power and reconnecting themselves with their true self through the heart so that each individual, in their Uniqueness, can finally be free to exist on all levels connected and in harmony with themselves and with All that is, visible and invisible.

There’s no right or wrong, There’s only You


Only You Can See What’s Deep Within You

Be You , Be YOUnique

Always Heart to Heart , Soul to Soul

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Catia Anyena