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Healing Together

Heart to Heart

Soul to Soul

Be-You-Healing Sessions


The MeChild© Rec&Rec

Re-connect with The “MeChild©, the pristine essence of yourself and finally Re-cognize who you truly are to live an empowered, fulfilling and balanced life from a place of freedom.

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Multidimensional Healing

Multidimensional Healing is the path to the so called Inner work, it helps you find, in a given moment(time), what is the blocking event (data) for the attainment of your highest good (Awakening, soul mastery, karma) to become You again.

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Oneness-Divine Sacred Union

Unite the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine within you to manifest a healthy and loving relashionship first within you and then on the outside. The state of Oneness is when masculine and feminine energies and Divine Source are in balance and united.

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Reiki Chakras Balancing

Aim for the balance of your body's energy centers through Reiki to reduce stress, relax, improve phisical kealth, increase emotional stability, enhance mental clarity.

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A Life of Balance

Reconnect The Inner and The Outer

"No More Lies
Neither Fear of The Dark"

Balance, everything revolves around this term, used and abused in common language. But, are you really sure you are achieving a correct outer and inner equilibrium?
Unfortunately, despite our beliefs, the lives we ​​live lead us to constantly be in a state of imbalance.
Stress, work commitments, increasingly complex and changing relationships are very difficult to manage and frequently lead to emotional closure which is the only weapon we believe is meant to protect ourselves. Our fears, our purest feelings, our traumas are simply repressed, almost forgotten.

I said Almost...

"Stop Running
Stop Chasing Everything and Everyone
Get your Life Back in Balance!"

Sometimes we need to dedicate more time to ourselves. Sometimes there is a need to stop, to find the courage to do so and the strength to look within us, to reconnect our Inner part with the Outer part.

Be-You-Healing sessions, through holistic meditation techniques, controlled breathing and enveloping sounds with reverberations that stimulate positive vibrations, will help you go through the deepest and most fearful part that resides within you as you remember your inner light.

We will walk with you!

Join us in the Circle of The Be-You-Healing Program