Catia Anyena

“Being me” – A soul’s Journey

Welcome to my Website and to my Blog. Now that Be-You-Healing is online today I feel that I’ve reached a milestone in my life. It took me almost a decade to be who I am now and I’ve been through so much that it’s not easy to decide from where to begin. I’ve been advised by my loving spirit guides to offer my services online  and to create my website. Until yesterday I considered “invisibility”a superpower and yet today here I am. In the past year I was actually pushed to do it as I was so resistant to put myself out there not only as a human being but also as a healer, and let me clarify what this word means to me:

a Healer is not someone who’s going to fix you on the outside or who’s going to do something in your place, it’s somebody who’s on the same path as you, always empowering you, accompanying you in your journey and doing everything you have to do for yourself WITH You. Healers can show you that you also have the ability to heal yourself and others and that you don’t need anything from the outside, because you already have everything you need inside of you. We all have the same connections to the Divine Creator and with All that is, and we have to learn to re-discover our gifts and talents

“Nobody is better or more advanced and we are all on the same path to spiritual and soul evolution in our own unique way and with our own life lessons to master.”

So, from this point of view, I accept the fact that I’m a healer and I’m honored to be at service. “Being Me” is not an easy journey, I was so reluctant to the thought of starting to work on myself, that I had to be at the lowest point of my existence in order to embrace the idea and to get to know and love myself. It had always been easier for me to Love others , to see their beauty and have compassion for everything and everyone, but when it came to me, oh boy, it was so difficult. Somewhere deep inside of me, the belief of not being Lovable, worthy of Love, and above all worthy of Divine Love, was so engrained in my system, that it became my reality, a program running wild out of my control. I have noticed this pattern also in people I met throughout my life and in my sessions: when it comes to self -Love , self-forgiveness, self-acceptance or compassion towards yourself, there’s an enormous resistance and basically we really don’t know HOW to do it because nobody has ever taught us. Additionally I realized that people not loving me were just a mirror showing me that I was not able to Love and take care of myself , of being my best friend , of trusting that my Divine Creator made me out of nothing less than pure Unconditional Love.

I still remember when my teacher Judith Küsel during a lesson said that: You are an act of Love.

 It hit me hard and I felt it so deeply that it moved me to tears as I realized that it is so true not only for others but also for Me. Loving yourself , all of you, is the scariest yet bravest thing someone could ever do because it takes a lot of “me time”, you have to look deep within yourself, get out of your comfort zone , face what we perceive as shadows, remove and heal with Love and compassion all the blocks and programmings that are standing in the way of Loving yourself, only to discover in the end that You are an act of Love , 

that the Love of the Divine Creator has always been there, 

that You feeling disconnected from the Divine and from All that is, was actually You disconnected from Yourself.

Be You , Be YOUnique

Always Heart to Heart , Soul to Soul

❤️ to ❤️ 🤜🏼 to 🤛🏼 

Catia Anyena 

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Dana says:

Beautifully explained. Thank you for being you!

Michael Foster says:

Beholding the Divinity within you Dear Catia , Thank you for stepping into and BE-IN-g the Truth of who you are.

Jane says:

Powerful words ❤️

I was extremely pleased to discover this site. I wanted to thank you for your time just for this wonderful read!! I definitely enjoyed every bit of it and i also have you saved as a favorite to look at new stuff on your blog.

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